The syllabus of NEET is usually similar to that of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) syllabus of Classes 11 and 12. Hence, if the candidates aim at clearing NEET UG exam in the first attempt, they can simultaneously prepare for both the board exams and the entrance exam.

NEET question paper pattern

NEET exam comprises Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and is divided into three sections-- Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB). Usually, the Physics and Chemistry sections have 45 questions each and the Biology section has a total of 90 questions.

Here are some tips to help crack in the first attempt:

Cracking NEET 2021 is not just about hard work but also smart work. The candidates will have to understand the NEET paper pattern by attempting the NEET sample papers and previous year question papers. They must focus on the topics that have been covered in the previous years’ NEET exams.


Make topic wise as well as subject wise timetables. NEET candidates must start focusing on subjects which have the highest weightage in the exam and also on the their weakest links in terms of understanding. Difficult topics will take longer time to prepare, hence start covering them from now itself. NEET time table must have enough time to revise the topics as well.


While forming the time table for NEET preparation, set deadlines to complete each topic. The deadlines can be both shorter and longer. Try to keep shorter deadlines to complete individual chapters in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and keep longer deadlines to revise the whole syllabus. This will help to define the priorities during the preparation.

The previous students and faculty have recommended consulting the NCERT books for Class 11, 12 PCB to prepare for NEET 2021. In addition to this the NEET candidates can also refer to additional reading material but ensure that they are only used as reference and to practice sample papers.


The candidates must compile a list of doubts they are facing on a daily basis and try getting them cleared at the earliest. They must also make a list of all those questions which they are unable to answer in the first attempt and revisit them to later to be able to handle them in the actual NEET exam.

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