Improper Time Division – It is important to make sure that you divide ample time both for understanding the theory and for question practice. Many students don’t bother to divide time according to the subjects and then for theory and question practice. Investing too much for one subject and neglecting other can be detrimental. Similarly, investing time in theory and not doing enough question practice will take you down in exam preparation. Question practice is very important to know type of questions that will be asked in exam, so that one can adjust theory preparation accordingly.

Confusion over textbooks – Students get confused about what should they study first. Should they study this book or that book? Or should thet study the materials provided by Coaching institutes first? Or should they take materials from internet?  They refer too many reference books and usually neglect NCERT. Remember that NEET is 90% based on NCERT text books. And hence every NEET aspirant must study NCERT class 11 and 12 textbooks. After understanding the text, take help of good reference books. Learning concept is half battle won, now practice as much questions as you can – both from NCERT and other books, materials.

 Not Doing Self Analysis – Self-evaluation is must in any exam preparation, it clear   where you stand in exam studies. Solving sample papers and previous year question papers are the best way to self-evaluate.  Ask yourself – Am I able to solve 90% of the questions in the sample paper? Am I able to complete the question paper in the given time frame? How many negative questions did I attempt?  What were the difficulties I faced while solving them? With how much ease did I solve the previous year papers? The answer to these questions will go a long way in ensuring you score high in your final exams.

 Not Setting Up Time-Based Practice – It’s good to know answers of all the questions present in exam paper.       But, can you solve exam paper in time? NEET aspirants have to complete NEET exam in a certain time frame. For that Samal Classes has time based Practice Test Series which will help you to learn time management and attempt the exam questions in a stipulated time frame. If you want success in your NEET exams, make every second count. For that there is just one golden rule – practice, practice, practice!

 Attempting Negative Marks Based Questions – It’s not only lack in studies but the major reason behind thousands of NEET aspirants losing rank in NEET exams every year is attempting unnecessary  negative-mark based questions. Attempt only those questions you are sure about. Relying on your luck or taking a chance can fetch you a negative mark. A single reduction in mark can send your rank down by 100. Planning and strategizing how to approach is crucial, if you want to be successful. Be prepared beforehand with the following questions- What are my strong areas? Which sections should I attempt first? What are my weak areas? Which sections should I avoid taking a risk on?

These are the major errors that NEET aspirants generally make while preparing and appearing for NEET exams. If students can focus on these points and work on them, they will be rewarded in NEET exams.