Earn Your Body, Feed Your Mind

Importance of good health cannot be emphasized enough, especially during the times of CORONA. The primary victim of cut-throat competition is health. Studying under pressure and stress often results in not eating properly and sleep deprivation which gradually leads to poor performance in exams.

You must ensure that you follow a healthy routine during their preparation by focusing on nutrition, fitness and sleep. The burden of expectations often causes depression among students. Doing meditation for at least 10-15 minutes every day can help them in building confidence as well as boosting concentration.

Exercise lifts your moods, helps you in focusing better while studying. So play a sport, go jogging or join a gym to keep yourself fit and motivated.

2. Be Thorough With Your JEE Main Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Check the syllabus and the online exam pattern of JEE Main thoroughly and plan your preparation accordingly. Students must ensure that they cover the complete syllabus of the exam to the best of their ability to get a good rank.

Knowing the syllabus and pattern thoroughly is crucial as you would know what not to study in case you are planning to give other engineering exams like BITSAT, OJEE, VITEEE etc. Students giving more than 15 exams can understand the importance of this strategy.

3. Say No to Distractions & Manage Your Time Properly

It's high time that you say no to all distractions that result in wasting of time. Ideally, checking Facebook status, Instagram stories and watching TikTok videos should be put on hold. Your friends and these social media platforms are not going anywhere; just take a break from them for some time.Indulging in social media should be minimized as much as possible.

Manage your time by managing yourself. Make a daily schedule, timetable- It helps you in dividing the syllabus into manageable topics/concepts according to your convenience & ensures you stay on track.

5. Follow a Concept Driven Approach

While studying a chapter or a unit, focus on building on the basic understanding of concepts in that chapter. If the basics are strong, solving problems will be easy and fun. Break down all chapters into small bite-sized, easy modules. Practice solving problems alone and in case you cannot solve a question in the first attempt, try it again after some time using a different approach

6. Take Mock Tests Everyday

A sample test a day will keep performance pressure at bay. I know you are  pressed for time but giving a mock test daily at the same time of the day as your final  exam will help you in preparing your mind to perform at its peak during that time.

It doesn't matter whether you solve 10 questions or 100, just try to follow exam conditions, make sure you stick to time limits. Analyze the result of Mock Test everyday to identify knowledge gaps or weak areas to revise and fix them. Practicing and revising concepts that you got wrong in the mock test should be a part of your daily routine.